Plastic Champage Glasses

Disposable Champagne Glasses and Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes

Disposable champagne glasses and disposable plastic champagne flutes are perfect when having a party or an event where one of the main worries is breakages. With traditional glasses no matter how careful you are there will always be some breakages!

PartyPlastics provide a range of disposable champagne glasses. From a variety of original stem glasses with their distinctive tall narrow bowl design, to Art Deco two-piece conical and square disposable plastic champagne glasses.

Disposable champagne glasses are cheap and great on saving on the washing up. Moreover all disposable champagne glasses stocked in our web store can be recycled, for the ultimate in eco-friendly disposable drinkware.

Crystal Polystyrene Plastic Champagne Glasses

Crystal polystyrene disposable champagne glasses are a more rigid type of plastic champagne glass, look good and are completely clear. Because they don't flex they can be filled much faster than polypropylene glasses enabling bar staff to work faster. Crystal polystyrene glasses are best for sophisticated indoor events where fully reusable glasses are not an option. Most commonly they are used at events such as wedding receptions. For more information on polystyrene you can visit Wikipedia.

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